About Me


Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Crystal Leah Horne and I am a certified BodyTalk and Reiki practitioner as well as a fully qualified massage and beauty therapist.

I was born in Glasgow. My family moved to Dundee which is where I spent my shool years. From school I went to Edinburgh to study Beauty Therapy at Mary Reid International, gaining credit certificates in ITEC, IA, CIDESCO and a Mary Reid Diploma.

I moved back to Glasgow, got married and had three lovely children.

Upon realising I had been in a mentally abusive and toxic relationship for over a decade and suffering from severe anxiety and PTSD I moved back to Dundee with my children to be near my family. 

The pieces of the puzzle started to come together when I came across a website about Narcissistic Abuse and realised that it too had been my story!

I do not  want to get caught up in the details of the abuse by blaming and shaming,  which in turn reinforces the trauma, anxiety and fears of abuse.

I want you to know that you can free yourself of the pain and have a wonderful new, healthy life.

With the help of BodyTalk I soon realised it is not about the details of the abuse as every story I read was very similar; it was about the way that I allowed someone to treat me!

You can either learn from the experience and look within or you can get stuck in it.

 I am a thriver not a victim of abuse. I am completely grateful for the experience and wouldn't be the strong, confident person that I am today had I not been narcissistically abused.

BodyTalk helped me get to the root of the problem. In my sessions it felt like we were stripping back and peeling off the layers of repeated trauma. At the same time there was a process of building me back up, filling me with confidence, self esteem, enthusiasm and hope for the future. I now have healthy boundaries and have regained love and respect for myself. I live with a clarity of thought and no longer doubt myself or my actions. I am no longer ashamed or scared to put myself first. I am healthier within my bodymind to be a better parent, friend and practitioner.

Today I receive BodyTalk maintenance sessions which help keep me feeling grounded and able to deal with the normal stresses of 21st century living. 

My life is now filled with so much more than I thought possible at the start of my healing journey. BodyTalk makes my heart sing and eventually it will make yours sing, too. Overcoming my biggest personal challenges is my ultimate driving force to help rid yourself of your constraints and limiting belief systems. With your new-found sense of freedom, you will live your life without fear and anxiety, finally becoming who you were meant to be; the most authentic version of you.

If you feel stuck in your journey, why not contact me for an informal chat to see how I can help you to find a way back to helping yourself healthy.

Completed Modules

Counselling Skills 1 & 2

Reiki Level 1 & 2

Modules 1 & 2 - BodyTalk Fundamentals

Module 6 - Macrocosmic bodymind 

Module 9 - matrix dynamics (working with groups of belief systems or family dynamics)

Module 3 - Principles of Consciousness

The Three Brains (head, heart and gut)

The Soul's Journey

Eastern Medicine

The Metaphysics of Treating


Mindscape and Advanced Mindscape

Body Ecology (microbiome and immune system balance)

Continuing Education

I am and will continue to keep investing in myself and my clients to expand and deepen my knowledge within the BodyTalk System and the Science and Philosophy of Healthcare.