What Is BodyTalk

BodyTalk is WholeHealthcare™. We look at the whole picture rather than focusing on the symptoms. BodyTalk finds the hidden cause of illness, discomfort and dis-ease by observing the mental, emotional, physical and environmental factors involved.

Trauma from an accident,  repeated daily stresses, divorce, financial issues, our family and work relationships and especially our relationship with ourselves all cause communication breakdowns within the body, mind, spirit and soul of a person.

We ask the body through a type of bio-feedback within the innate wisdom of the client to establish an intuitive communication dynamic called muscle checking what the PRIORITY is to be addressed at that particular time.

 A gentle tapping technique over the head, heart and gut is used to help the brain balance and restore communication within the body.

Once the body has been reminded of the issues it initiates its own healing processes.


BodyTalk is safe, effective and non-invasive


With so much going on in our lives it is easy to get stressed out and confused when we are making even the simplest of decisions. We say things like "My head tells me one thing, my heart is telling me something else and my gut reaction is to just go for it."

Who do we listen to?  The answer is all three!

If we gather the information and facts in the head brain, then feel into how we relate to the information, then send it down to the gut for discernment we would all be living a much more relaxed state.


We need to stop living in our headspace. The head brain is the control centre for the autonomic nervous system. This is where the fight or flight sympathetic response and rest and digest, parasympathetic responses are. The brain is being overburdened which we experience as chronic tension, the more we constantly play things over and over. The brain doesn't get a chance to rest.

This is why we need to have  synchronicity between all three brains (heart, head and enteric/gut brain)


Interestingly, in the wisdom teachings found in China and India, there seems to be a fundamental understanding that the three work together. 

In Chinese Medicine we have the upper, middle and lower Tan Tien. The three centres in Indian philosophy. The Jewish Kabbalah also infer three levels of the soul. Hawaiian tradition based in the Kahuna doctrine advocate three functional aspects of the body as higher self, middle self and lower self. The Shamans of Central Asia and Mongolia all talk of the three souls of the body (suld, suns & ami).

BodyTalk utilises and draws upon the knowledge and techniques of Traditional 5 Element Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Reiki, Ayurvedic Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy and EFT in a cohesive way, although we don't require needles, manipulation or prescriptions to facilitate the sessions.

Short BodyTalk Presentation