BodyTalk Testimonials


"I went to see Crystal because my Psoriasis had flared-up and 

I'll try anything once. While I'm a born sceptic there is no doubt that after 3 relaxing, stress-relieving sessions my Psoriasis had improved and a month after my last visit is still in check."

Lawrence Juliussen

"I have been receiving BodyTalk for just over a year now and have experienced the most wonderful, relaxing feeling during and after each treatment. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 3 years ago and was in chronic pain every day and my range of motion was becoming less and less. Since receiving bodyTalk I have managed to come off all the medication I was prescribed and I'm feeling more physically fit after each session. It has not only helped me with my physical well-being but has helped me with my emotional and spiritual well-being too."


You have helped my transformation in so many ways, I honestly can’t thank you enough or express how I feel quite as well as I really want to. 

My friend was seeing you and suggested I’d probably like it too. Well, who knew it was the beginning of my new life?  I had no idea what to expect but was excited. 

So anyway, it was the most beautiful, relaxing, emotionally draining and recharging session. My body told Crystal straight away what was going on, where my problems were stemming from. I struggled to breathe throughout as I seemed to relive emotions more than memories. But the release has been intense and life changing. I am finally free of the crap me and my body were holding onto. I had made myself sick due to my past issues and beliefs. So many stored emotions that needed released but not over and done with in one session. My body knew when I needed another and another and another. I’ve seen crystal several times and haven’t looked back. I am free from past baggage, I am healthier and fitter than I have ever been. I am free to be me and love my life fully. The speed of my transformation is what has surprised me. For 42 years I was one person and within an hour or so I had changed forever!! I can’t imagine my life without bodytalk so much so I completed my access course within a few months of my first appointment, which was only last year and I’m saving up to take the full course. It has changed my life and the lives of all around me. If you have any unresolved emotional or physical pain, I guarantee you there’s a reason and Crystal will find it!! 

No words Crystal really for what you’ve done for me and my family. Love always, Shella Quinn (43 in years but only 1 in my new life) ❤️💛💚

I initially came to Crystal to help my grief process when I suddenly lost my husband. This was just the beginning of my journey with Body talk and Crystal. 

She has given me back my confidence, made me acknowledge I can love myself, be happy being me. She has stabilised my life and helped me take control. 

I have had sessions where I have wept uncontrollably, wondering where all of these silent tears have came from. But afterwards feeling a burden has been lifted. 

I know when I am due a session without looking at the calendar as I have a feeling “I need to see Crystal”. My body knows!


I started Bodytalk with Crystal round about the same time as I started talking therapy with a psychologist and it has been both informative and helpful.

Both therapies have been good and it’s a bit spooky how similar themes have been raised in both sessions (not by me I hasten to add!) but the bodytalk has been particularly effective in that it has brought to the fore subconscious issues I clearly wasn’t ready to talk to a therapist about.

It’s a bit of a journey and whilst we are not nearly there yet I feel stronger and more open in my approach to all aspects of life. Let the journey continue!